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    I recently bought the Palm Pre GSM in Mexico through Telcel. This carrier is sporting the 1.2.5 version of the device. However, I have several problems trying to update. The update button does not work and I cannot seem to be able to update with WebOSDoctor (only 1.2.5 is listed as available in the Wiki).

    Does anyone know why this is and how can I manually update to 1.3.1 or later? Is it possible to download the Sprint version or whatever and install it?

    Thanks for the tips,

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    You can download the Sprint firmware (webos doctor) and install it manualy
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    Thanks for your reply. Are you sure about this? Aren't these phones locked so that they can only be used with ROM authorized by the carriers?

    Has anyone tried this?

    Can you please confirm the above, and also can you please tell me if doing this update I will be able to see the whole selection of apps in the App Catalog?

    Thank you
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    I have the same problem like you, several applications requieres a 1.3.x webos version and I had researched about to update it with no results.

    I guess we have to wait until Telcel realeases the update via direct downloady to our devices...

    I will let you know if I find something to help us.

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    been there, done that.

    You can either download that 1.2.1 sprint firmware and install it (haven't done it myself), or use the alternate method I used.

    1. Grab the 1.3.5 sprint file and the 1.2.5 telcel file from the webos doctor versions page.

    2. Extract the file resources/webos.tar from the sprint file

    3. Put the webos.tar file back on the telcel file

    4. Run the newly created telcel webos doctor.

    With that you'll have 1.3.5 with telcel settings. As a bonus you can update over the air to

    maybe winrar or winzip can do the trick of opening the files

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    Jose you may want to check to see if others are happy with their 1.3.1 update. I have an unlocked pre with Iusa cell. I have updated two times to 1.3.1 and both times my pre started turning on and off by itself. I still am dealing with the problem.
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    At least mine, Telcel at, works flawless

    upgraded with the method above to 1.3.5, then applied the update over the air with the update app.

    I have a friend with a iusacell (CDMA) one at 1.3.1 and it still works ok. He used 1.3.1 sprint update but doesn't receive new updates.

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