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    Just had my Pre replaced - synced everything, but there are a bunch of apps I had previously bought that are not in my Launcher - any ideas????
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    was there any problem with your palm profile when you were logging in?
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    try updating
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    It is probably one of two scenarios:

    1. You aren't at the latest WebOS version so not all of your apps are supported. Update your Pre and either do a partial erase and reload your profile or find the missing apps in the App Catalog and re-download them

    2. You ran out of app space and need to use mvapp to free up some space before you can download more apps.

    I've ran into both scenarios. The first one is relatively easy to fix where the second one takes more work.
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    Have you tried redownloading them from the app store? I just switched Pre's too and ran into the same problem. I was able to download all of them without any issues, it says something like, "download again for free", when you look up the app in the catalog.

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