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    last night my touchscreen just stopped working, i thought it was mechanical but when i plugged it in to charge, it started working, till i unplugged it. i tried to hook it up to quick install, and it is not recognizing that a palm pre is connected. it still shows as a removable diskdrive in the My Computer screen. this is 2nd Palm Pre, less than 1 month old. i just restarted it yesterday morning because of duplicate contacts the sprint store put on there and didnt get a chance to load reload Preware. Just did a full erase, touchscreen still doesnt work, patches still on, webOSDR doesnt recognize a palm pre connected either.

    any suggestions?
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    I know you don't want to hear it, but my only suggestion is to return it. My fiance's first Pre did the same thing, and the only fix was a replacement.
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    I bought my daughter one of those on sale Pres for 89 from best buy on Thanksgiving. Ordered it over phone from Best Buy Online. It came in a box that seemed to indicate it was shipped by Wire Fly.

    On second day had same problem. We returned it. They replaced it with a new unit.
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    get insurance and then go take it in
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    Quote Originally Posted by mozafari View Post
    get insurance and then go take it in
    1. Getting insurance on something that is already broken so that you can use the insurance to get a replacement is not only morally reprehensible, but is in fact a felony. It's called insurance fraud.

    2. Your suggestion is also completely and totally unnecessary. His pre is still under warranty, and it sounds like it's still within the 30 day return period as well. In either case, a simple an honest explanation to whoever he bought it from will entitle him to a replacement free of charge.
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    yeah, that's what i thought...
    thanks guys, i do have insurance and it should still be under warranty.
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    My touchscreen stopped working this weekend. I don't have insurance on it, but the manufacturer's warranty is good for one year from date of purchase. I took it into Sprint today and they ordered me a replacement which will be here tomorrow. The only reason you would need insurance would be if you had actually damaged the phone yourself from dropping it or spilling liquid on it; the manufacturer's warranty doesn't cover user damage.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mozafari View Post
    get insurance and then go take it in
    This is just one of the reason why insurance prices keep going up!
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    Its a known issue on the CE Device forums. take it to a S&R center and get a replacement.

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