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    Happy holidays
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    lousy people. need emergency help and was on the road.
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    it says erases personal files on usb drive. I'd assume yes it does. Calling the people your appealing for help lousy is not the best way to get quick help in the future. Next time pm a friend on here and you may get a faster response. If you have any friends...if not add me. Also since a webdr visit no longer touches the usb I'd have to think its the only way to totally erase the usb partition.
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    How about returning a Pre without performing a hard reset? After returning my defective Pre, I asked a Sprint rep at the store to allow me erase my data. He was so sure that nothing remains in the old Pre since I signed in my Palm profile on a new Pre. He was so adamant that he would not give me back my old Pre as no one can access the phone once I used my profile in another Pre. I had some files in the USB partition--- passowrds and account info that I imported from my desktop as .csv file. Is there a chance that someone would be able to export the file and get my bank account and credit card info? This has been bothering me these past few days. Please any info on this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MR29ROSE View Post
    lousy people. need emergency help and was on the road.
    i lol'd
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