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    I recently took some personal videos of mine and would like to upload them on my palm pre. However when I was looking for a folder to place them into, I could not find the starter video and when I placed the videos in a folder, they would not appear in the "My Videos" tab on my Palm Pre.
    I've tried every folder in the palm desktop and the videos still don't show.
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    The Pre only accepts certian video types at this point - Video Formats: MPEG-4, H.263, H.264. USB them onto your Pre and they should play. The Pre won't play copy protected material.
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    You can create your own folder on the USB partition of your Pre. As long as the video is in an accepted format (as described above) your Pre will find the videos and make them available to you.

    The latest version of Real Player includes a video format converter (it's free by the way). If you use this software, I do suggest you format for the iPhone (H.264) and not for the Pre (H.263). The video is all scrunched using the H.263 format.

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