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    I really miss WebOs a lot it was so easy to use but I hated the crappy plastic hardware of the pre so I returned you think that sprint will recieve an updated version of it in January with all the kinks smoothed out and more functionality? Or do you think Palm will be anouncing an all touchscreen phone at CES for Sprint...I sure hope so because I wanna go back to Palm but because of the hardware issue with the pre I had left it. I know am thinking about Android...Id choose Palm if better hardware was available.
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    I know what you're saying. The build quality isn't what's killing it for me though. I've had the phone for a few months now but can't find a comfort zone with the hardware. It's much more comfortable typing/opening it with my 2800 battery but it really takes away from the sexy lines of it big time. Also with the oem battery cover I find it to be very slipperry and too slim to type on easily. I'm hoping this Phantom Skin I ordered solves the issue a little. I really need to find something that will make it easier to type on that wouldn't add too much girthe but would still keep it looking modern.
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    get a pixi.
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    I don't know. I think choice of OS trumps hardware. That's just my opinion. I picked up an iphone3GS recently and was just amazed at how solid it felt in my hand, but after using WebOS I just found it very difficult to even think about using apples OS. My ipod touch has literally become a paper weight, whereas before the Pre I used it quite regularly even for non-media tasks. I suspect the Pre's build quality has already improved, but I wouldn't expect the substantial build quality improvement I think you are looking for by January. And even if there is an announcement, I wouldn't expect a launch until June. I would point you to Verizon, as I think the Pixi has much better build quality than the Pre and which will probably launch with wifi around January and maybe a Pre with larger storage. Speculation of course.
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    I love the pre's design. Wish it was alittle sturdier, but with insurance who cares?
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    I suggest investing in a touchstone. Even if you don't want it, get the matte battery door alone. The phone feels so much more solid, the wobble is reduced like crazy, and it feels so much better. Palm should have included it by default.
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    Is the pixi any good ive read countless reviews that say its too laggy and to just move to a pre cas its 50 bucks more. I'm also a little dissapointed as to the fact that the verizon version is going to be getting wifi and the pixi on sprint doesnt have it.

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