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    So Synergy lets me access all my online contacts, calendars etc.

    How to I make them all the same? Say I have two contacts in my Palm database (that's what it says have now, though it used to be hundreds), 2000 in my google and 500 in facebook? I not only want my Pre to reach out to each and merge them on the device ( I don't want dupes from each, I want them all to become one), but I want the Pre to reach out to each database and make them the same. So, if I have 2502 contacts as mentioned above, my Palm, Google and Facebook databases (for instance) should each be brought up to 2502 contacts. Same thing for my calendars. They should all be equalized online.

    Any thoughts to how I can do this?

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    you can't
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    You cant and be thankful you can't. Its good programing to make sure that each service can not modify the records from other services. This prevents corruption, duplication and endless syncing problems. What you do is link the records together instead of merging them. This is a very tidy way to accomplish the synergy.
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    Sorry, they're right. It's specifically designed not to do this. Facebook is a prime example. Your facebook account gets data about your friends from the information they but in. It would be very bad programming to allow you to change their information.

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