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    Does anyone know how to view calendar events and tasks for a specific day at the same time on my Palm Pre, instead of having two seperate applications? Not sure if it is a setting, if I need an app, or what.
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    The kludge I've devised is to set tasks as "all day events" in Google calendar, and have my 'Daily Agenda' emailed to me by them every day. Tasks that aren't completed get dragged to another date, and show up on a subsequent agenda. Not elegant, but it works for me. WRT an app... sorry, I have no idea.
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    I used to try the "all day tasks" work-around, but then realized that others at work saw me as busy, which made it harder to schedule. So I decided that I'd consolidate email and tasks instead, since most of the emails that I leave in my inbox are really to-do items anyway.

    I use "Note to Self" to send myself a quick email for a task, and have a filter in Google Mail to automagically label those items as "Tasks". I then have a Task folder in my email, so it's one-stop-shopping!
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    If you use Google Calendar, you can use GQueues for tasks, and there is an option of having it visual in your calendar on the Pre.
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    Very helpful. I didn't know about this. Thanks!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ponyfool View Post
    If you use Google Calendar, you can use GQueues for tasks, and there is an option of having it visual in your calendar on the Pre.
    Nice find! Mobile site works well with the Pre also.


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    Or, uh, you could install Classic and then run DateBk6, which allows you to customize views, including appointments and tasks on the same screen. But some consider this solution un-hip.
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    Gqueues is great. I can now tag each shopping list item with each store where I can get it and then create a smart queue with the name of the store and all items come up. So cool. And someone else can log into my list while they are at the store and pick up what I need, too.
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    Toodledo also has a feature that shows your tasks in Google Calendar. I haven't used it enough to comment though.

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