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    Quote Originally Posted by boomhower View Post
    Don't expect much, more memory is going to be it.
    Memory and storage aren't the same thing. Which do you mean?
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    Probably means Storage since RAM is usually never given as a "Top Feature". I just hope that when the Pre Plus is released on Verizon that the same version of the phone is simultaneously released on Sprint...
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    Quote Originally Posted by mech1164 View Post
    I could live with the more memory ect. What we need right now is the driver for the gpu to be done and the app limit erased. Otherwise 6 more months will go fast. It will give me something to look forward to.
    I wonder if Palm is even working on gpu drivers...doesn't seem like its a priority but who knows, maybe its just a really challenging project that the engineers are struggling with. I'm no programmer but apparently writing a driver is a very complicated and advanced task that takes even the most elite team of engineers many months to accomplish...
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    They already have the bigger screen and bigger keyboard and it's called the Droid.
    Personally, I don't think they will get that out of the Palm in the very near future. It will probably take a year before you see that from Palm. Personally I don't care much for the bigger screen unless it's more of a tablet. The pinch makes the smaller screen As far as the keyboard is concerned... I'm all for the one handed typing if possible.
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    Many of us have waited for the pre on Verizon for a long time and deserve to have a next generation device when it comes - that was the reason for the wait. While I appreciate the growing pains of the first adopters, you have had the benefit of using your WebOS devices for several months.
    For those of you who think Sprint should get a pre+ or pre2 before a rollout on Verizon should remember that when Sprint who needed a flagship phone when they signed the agreement with palm, did not spend very much money on advertising or promoting either the pre or the pixi. Hopefully, the same advances in the next generation device will find its way back to Sprint and to other carriers.
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