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    Need help please. I have read the chats, but could use a bit of guideance, also, does that rebel sim work? Any comments appreciated.
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    you are so crazy. got to love you!! look, you have them right. I don't know sms settings, but data is

    please tomi!! i am so glad I can get in phone now. I can do upupdowndown and the rest, but still don't know what else to do.

    thanks for your help. Happy Holidays.
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    [M3 Wireless]
    ; GPRS
    GPRS=M3 Wireless GPRS
    ; WAP GRPS
    WAPGPRS=M3 Wireless WAP
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    I did everything. I also came out of developer mode to see if I still have access to my service provider. but only 2g all seems well. only difficulty is I do ot see where novacom installed. i pressed the button to attemt reinstallation, but I didnt see an installation box pop up so am not sure if it did. But I do get the window to install applications now. Do I need to do anything else please.
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    Hi Tomi,

    Can you confirm that I would lose sms fnctions because we don't have the codes? Also, how do I open the database? Excel?
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    Quote Originally Posted by tomi666 View Post
    sorry but you're asking dumb questions. Answer my questions instead.
    I dont have any data at present. I am only on 2g service. I cannot get 3 g service at all even though they offer it through my mobile service. When I try to enter or it says cannot write the settings.

    now my question, I did what you asked, but I am not sure how or in what software to open the file in so I can manually enter the settings. I tried it in excel, but when I did eveything is screwed up. can you advise. Sorry it is so dumb! :-) :-( I don't want to lose sms. I text a lot. I guess I want my cake and eat it too!
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    I will do crazy. Voicemail number you have is correct.

    I will just double check sms. Thanks a million.
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    also, they do offer 3g
    I have 3g card
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    M3 Wireless | G3

    cause Im just a little special.
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    Still trying to get sms settings. thanks again.
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    First thanks for all the creativei minds and hard workers. Those who wrote the files and have the knowledge . With out you I would nt be were I am with this phone.


    You, have stuck beside me. Someone you don't even know. You have the personality and charm of a real gentleman. I really appreciate you and I really need to repay you.

    I am now able to text but I kept getting a message when trying to connect to internet. It may have just been the low signal. Anyway I will check it when I am out and about today, and let you know this evening. But in the meantime, texting, is goooooooooooooooooooooood. thank you thank you thank you, and I need to repay you.

    Have a great holiday
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    ps I can do it all now. and text

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