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    Hello All,

    First post from a long time forum browser. (obviously) Just a bit of personal background to put this post in perspective:

    Long time Palm OS user - III, Treo 300, Treo 650, Treo 755P. Each a functional improvement over the other, based on MY needs - although even with all the tweaks, utilities and applications (Launcher X, Palm Revolt, Accessorizer, Agendus, TakefOne, 2Day, 4Cast, McPhling, Snoozy, NVBackup - you get the picture) the Palm OS was getting a little long in the tooth by last year.

    Appreciative that there are real choices in OS platforms - and for the innovative companies that bring us those choices! Never really cared for WinMo, RIM or Symbian, personally; intrigued by the iPhone's capabilities. (Face it, it's a great piece of kit if it suits your needs - it just fell short for me in a couple of areas, even as it caused envy in others.) Impressed by Android's development, especially in the last year.

    No stranger to AT&T or Sprint - switched back and forth over the years, although I passed on Verizon due to the costs of their plans. Generally satisfied with either, accepting the trade-offs in coverage - and network capabilities - without any major disappointments. And yes, I travel internationally for work sometimes, so the network has a bit more impact on me than it would for most.

    Pre owner since late June. As mesmerized as all of you with the navigation ease that WebOS brings to the market, and the opportunity to experience something new and exciting. As impatient as some of you, because WebOS (or the Pre - whichever you prefer) just isn't quite ready to duplicate everything I already had. (The UI navigation is superb, but I really need a couple more destinations (apps and app enhancements) to navigate to!) Thrilled as most of you with the new capabilities I never had before - and synergy, the alert function, and cards are truly an elegant concept. But most of all, thankful for the ride that the last 6 months or so have been! Here's why:

    I made my purchase with my eyes wide open - and although I knew the Pre just wasn't quite ready for prime time, (again, based on MY needs) there was just too much potential in WebOS to resist much longer. Generally speaking, I'm happy with the Pre - though it suffers from a too-cramped keyboard (which is why I passed on a Centro) and I'd love to see a beefier slider, it's really a nicely designed piece of hardware. And although it was obviously early to market (just like the first gen Android and the iPhone) it does the basics well enough to live with, and the updates are delivering incremental functionality on a regular basis - even if it's still far from exploiting the true functionality of the platform.

    What I'd like to see:

    Elimination of the app limit, and the App catalog out of beta by Christmas! A real gift would include a single "settings" app. (Might have been tolerable to have multiples on launch day, just to have ***something*** to put on the launcher pages, but it really put a hurt on those folks who have lived with the "too many apps" problem over the last several months - users and developers both.) And further integration of the homebrew patches that have unlocked so much of the UI capability, so that the average user can finally enjoy what the good folks at WebOS Internals have enabled for this community today.

    Another CES to remember! Finish the foundation - hopefully, a WebOS 2.0 finally capable of exploiting the power and speed of the underlying hardware; an SDK upgrade, to open that functionality to the development community; visual voicemail, video recording and voice commands would be welcome additions. And if you really want me to get excited, announce a Pre II (I'll take slightly wider/longer for a 650-sized keyboard and larger screen. If wider can also mean thinner, fine; if not, a larger battery will do nicely!)

    Very satisfied, especially with the unlimited mobile-to-mobile announcement. Kudos for eliminating the call forwarding charges, and opening up the capabilities of Google Voice to us - without incurring a fee for the capability.

    What I'd like to see:

    Subscriber growth, and further expansion of your 4G network!

    Actually, the entire Smart Phone Experts community, but I'm admittedly biased here. For their article choices, intelligent writing and thoughtful insight, 1000 thank yous to Dieter and Derek; you guys are the best!

    What I'd like to see:
    More of the same - what more could anyone ask for?

    PreCentral Forum Members
    That I could go for so long without posting is the best tribute that I can offer - and I thank each of you for it. I usually don't have time to do more than a quick search when I have problems or questions, but I truly appreciate the support you've offered as this platform develops.

    What I'd like to see:
    If this platform grows to its' potential, forum membership will grow exponentially. Expect duplicate posts - multiple, duplicate posts - from inexperienced members. Remember that we're all "noobs" is some area of our lives, especially if we're experts in others. Don't just berate folks for "stupid" questions - there really is no such thing - use your experience to help them walk the first few steps, and then watch them take off on their own. (Excellent example: milominderbinder's post on the use of search)

    Remember that reasonable people can reasonably disagree. We all have different priorities and expectations; keep the civil discourse civil, and most folks will reciprocate.

    Participants in the early developers program
    From the simplest to the most elegant, we may not have all the apps we want yet, but understanding and coding to a new platform simply takes time. I'm most thankful for those of you who provided desktop sync capabilities to those of us who have data that should never be put into the cloud. My kudos to CompanionLink for a great app and excellent tech support! (You'd have to be a Notes user to understand, Howard Stern be damned!)

    What I'd like to see:
    Documents To Go - and aggregated apps similar to TakefOne and Agendus. After all, multi-tasking is nice, but it's sooooo much better to have the capability integrated within an app - whether switching apps is possible or not! (Be honest, it's really not Palm's job to perfect every app, but to give us a robust platform to run them on if - and when - we need them. Quite a few of us purchased DateBk6, Bonsai or Agendus when the basic PIM applications didn't suit our needs, but not everyone needs professional-grade apps)

    And last, but by no means least,

    WebOS Internals and the homebrew developers
    Whatever your motivation - whether it was for the personal satisfaction of solving a challenging technical issue, or as a means to learn this new OS in order to develop paid apps, or for sharing what you developed for your own personal use, words fail me in my attempt to thank you for the gifts you've brought to our homebrew community.

    What I'd like to see:
    Which brings me to my modest proposal.

    I'd love to submit a couple of patch requests (KeyCaps is one; expanding the home button to power on/off the screen is another, just to name two) but to be honest, some are more difficult to implement than others. KeyCaps, for example, is probably almost as much work as the virtual keyboard patch, and it will probably never be allowed in the App catalog. It's hard to ask someone to work for free, and almost painful to read those threads where folks seem to demand the effort as their due. Sooo.... the spirit of the holiday season, say thank you by donating to the developers, if you haven't already done so. (Thanks threads are nice, but they just don't pay the bills!) Given the benefit of their hard work to all of us, a modest donation is something you really should consider - even if all you can afford is a dollar or two. and to those of you who have already donated to the development community, my last thanks in this rant!

    Joyeux Noel to each of you and your families,

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    Quote Originally Posted by UntidyGuy View Post
    MY suggestion: consider spreading your ideas around more than one post. You must have a hard time using Twitter!
    I agree, I'm sure it was a good post but I stopped reading after 20 seconds because saw how long it was.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Preman View Post
    I agree, I'm sure it was a good post but I stopped reading after 20 seconds because saw how long it was.
    I suppose anyone writing a post containing more than 100 words should have a tl;dr section for those with the most common types of American Attention Deficit Disorder.


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