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    I've just got my Pre and on an the Australian Optus 3G network the phone only shows three bars signal strength as against full signal strength on an iPhone, HTC HD2 and a Nokia N95 in the same position.

    Is this a weakness of the Pre and does it occur in other countries?
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    Noticed similar, while my Pre didnt have any signal at all my friends phones had. (Nokia and Ericsson)
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    Same here...
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    Ditto! I think it may have a crappy reciever inside as my old batterded N95 on 02 is sitting next to my pre with full bars,whilst my pre is skipping between 2/3 bars,although i have had full bars on my pre,standing next to an 02 pylon,
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    Yep, same here in Holland. Let's hope they crank it up with 1.3.5.
    Perhaps this is one of the fixes that will improve battery life?
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    I hope so too because had I known, I wouldn't have bought a Pre!
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    Mine too has very weak signal strength on UK O2, my previous phone (Ericsson W800i) had much better signal strength with same sim card, I hope it can be resolved with a future software upgrade, if its hardware then I'll be pretty hacked off.
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    I've actually been unreachable on my phone a couple of times because of this problem. When the phone has the 'E' sign instead of 3G does that mean it's working on EDGE?
    Definitely the worst signal I've had on a phone in a long time, here's hoping we get a fix.

    edit: I'm on O2 Ireland
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    ive noticed up in the Adirondack mountain her in ny that the data part is much worse than the centros, but voice seems about the same, w/out the touchstone back that is. the ts takes about a bar off. the pixi has a bar to two better than the pre though
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    Quote Originally Posted by toyotast165 View Post
    w/out the touchstone back that is. the ts takes about a bar off. though
    Is this a common occurrence and known fact?

    I hope not as I'm already showing a weak signal and just ordered and paid for a TS back!
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    I wouldn't worry too much about bars affecting 3g.
    A Day in the Life of 3G - PC World

    Quote Originally Posted by PCW
    What Do Bars Say About Your Connection?

    If you've ever wondered why your phone was showing five out of five bars and yet your service was poor, you're not alone. In one of the most surprising findings of our study, we discovered that the number of bars showing on our phones was by no means an accurate predictor of our connection speed or of network service reliability. In most cases the bars were useful only for telling whether we had some signal or no signal.

    Phoenix is the only city we tested where the bars-of-service reading did a good job of predicting service quality. There we saw a correlation be**tween bars and service quality in more than 70 percent of our tests, across all carriers. In the other 12 cities where we tested, bars of service were far less meaningful. In San Francisco, for example, only 13 percent of our tests showed any correlation between bars and service quality.

    Our test results suggest that the bars-of-service readings tend to be a more accurate predictor of service quality on networks that have enough capacity to handle all of the devices connected to them. Overall, the bars on Verizon devices did the best job of predicting service quality in our testing. We saw at least some correlation between number of bars and Verizon's network performance in 11 of 13 cities. Bars were a moderately useful predictor of Sprint service in our tests in only two cities--San Diego and Phoenix.

    In our tests of AT&T's networks in four cities (New York, San Diego, San Francisco and San Jose), the number of bars was not predictive of the service quality we saw; in the other nine cities in our study, the number of bars proved marginally useful in predicting how well our test experience would turn out.
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    Its probably true that the number of bars on one phone does not necessarily compare to the number of bars on another, but there is definitely an issue where my Pre 'is not reachable' or calls get dropped whereas other phones with the same sim in the same location do get a better reception (in reality) despite what the number of bars is shown.
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    I've had a few dropped calls on my Pre too recently, and in years of owning phones I cannot remember the last time this has happened. Not impressed, especially seeing as I rely on my phone to get work...
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    I have gotten fed up with the poor reception on my O2 Pre, I have had so many dropped calls and voicemails left when I have not had a missed call. Also texts being delivered late.

    Got sent a new SIM last week but that never helped. Have sent my phone off to get repaired/replaced. However I know that a new phone will probably suffer the same problems and just want to swap for a different handset but have been told I can't do that till I have had 3 replacements.

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