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    I'm having an interesting problem, I cannot connect via http to local network devices. My pre connects to the same wireless network as multiple laptops, everything is on the sane network segment. I have no problem with anything else in my network, but the Pre is

    Unable to Load Page

    Error loading page (115)

    This is just default IIS homepage, which I fired up for testing. I want to be able to control my Squeezebox via web interface from the Palm Pre, which connects to local machine running squeezeserver via port 9000. It should be a piece of cake, others have connected to theirs, but I cannot apparently recognize local network from the pre.

    Thanks in advance.
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    curious..just tried this and I had to add :80 to the end of the ip address.
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    This fix didnt work for me. Any other suggestions?

    I know this problem is isolated to the local network because I can get to google with its IP.

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