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    First I'll say that by no means is this intended as a topic to complain about anything, but rather help inform those who may be coming here to look for advice on whether or not they should purchase a Palm Pre.

    In my experience, here is what I liked about the Pre and WebOS:
    • WebOS: Very easy to use.
    • WebOS: Multitasking
    • WebOS: Layered Calendars
    • Pre: Easy to customize
    • Pre: Decent keyboard

    What I didn't like:
    • Multiple faulty Pre's. From bad screens, to faulty bluetooth, to random cracks appearing, to random power failures due to battery movement, overall bad build quality. Total I went through 5 bad Palm Pre phones.
    • WebOS is laggy. While I understand it is a relatively new mobile OS, when my only open card is the Dialer, it shouldn't be lagging nearly 10 taps behind when dialing.
    • Touchstone charging worked great, so long as I wasn't using the phone. If watching video, or on speakerphone, battery still drained even when it showed charging.
    • Tapping on one part of the screen would frequently register as if I had tapped somewhere else.
    • Taps that were registered properly would frequently take multiple taps in the same place to get it to do said action (links on a website, dialing a phone number, etc.) Button or link would "flash" as if I had pressed it, but it wouldn't do anything.

    Having said that, I personally have moved away from the Palm Pre. Most likely due to my experiences with this phone (first time with a Palm) will never own another Palm product again. Should WebOS be put on a platform that has excellent build quality and remove the lag from the system, I'd be all for that phone.

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    Wish these type would just fade not to be heard of again, they have to get their parting shots in.

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