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    I cant do this but i was thinking what stops the pre from just having the launcher screens from being the "home" screen, well its when you have cards up it'd block any attempt to click on an app

    well my solution: I hope someone can do this!!! i cannot!!!
    okay say the launcher is permantely launched and well when you open up say a couple of cards the old link that would pop up the launch screens now minimizes the open cards(windows) and instead of having the quick launch icons/apps next to the new "minimizer" the icon for the minimized apps would appear even shrink them in size when more was added since we can run 20-ish cards at the same time, like at first 5 could be the cut off till whoever ran updates for 10 then 20 and maybe more, I just wanna know if this is possible i think it sounds good and feasible,
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    I disagree if anything I think that would make the pre more crowded than the ipone since pages can scroll up or down and the screens smaller IMHO i think we should keep webos the way it is( but with palm updates cranking out real videorecording and other missing features,
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    well besides that I limit my apps to just4x4 i dont have it so it scrolls down
    I still want someone to d o this
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    btwreware is the best
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    Well so far it looks like your the only one
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    well who cares what they think its not like i asked what they think.....oh wait I did ask

    well i thought ppl would like it more like an iphone with multiple apps running...

    who else is getting sick of the ****ty apss?
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    who in the world can run 20 apps anyway? Once the browswer is open, you're lucky to open anymore b4 the stupid too many cards error message.

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