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    So I just got out of Avatar (best movie I have seen in a long time) and I still had my 3D glasses on and took a look at my pre to check for messages. The screen scared the crap out of me. Through those glasses I can see where the light/heat is burning up the screen. I can see the the effects without the glassws now and it makes my heart hurt.
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    I see the same thing when I look at my Pre when I have my polarized sunglasses on
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    x2 on the sunglasses...I see the lil alignment dots all the time though.
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    It isn't where it is burning the screen, those are there from day one.
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    I saw that too. The screen has strange patterns in the polarization.

    I looked at my wife's cheapo phone thru the glasses and her's was totally polarized in one direction.

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    Thats just the grid for the touchscreen. Every phone has it some are line grids and others have dot grids.

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    O, you mean Pre-D? (MUHAHA...)
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    ya I get the polorization. It seams like the light is leaking because the shapes are all bowing from the edges.

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