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    After having one about 6 months, I have to say that I love my Pre! Yes, the build quality could (and should) be better, and the UI lag is a PITB but with homebrew apps, patches, the Mac OSX theme and MyTether, I've got it dialed in to where I really like it! IMHO it kills the iPhone. I would know because I had an iPhone and ATT on and off for more than a year. It was a love/hate thing.

    Yes, the Pre rules! Now all Palm has to do is give us one with better build quality and no lag in the interface and we'll be good to go. Give us 4G and we'll be great!
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    heck yeah I love my Palm Pre to and I agree with everything you said
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    +1 !
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    I can't live without my PRE!!!
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    the pre has become my life
    Pre be with you.

    Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm. -- Winston Churchill

    Happiness is not achieved by the conscious pursuit of happiness; it is generally the by-product of other activities. -- Aldous Huxley
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    Quote Originally Posted by Buzzard Jr View Post
    the pre has become my life
    thats scary lol... ABE HORROR | The premier source for horror online.
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    +1 - had it since launch and loved every minute of it.. still enjoy using it every day.

    And if the build quality of the Pre is a slight knock for you, give a serious eye to the Seidio Innocase.. it REALLY makes the Pre feel extremely solid. Hard to explain, but since I broke down and bought one a few weeks back, my Pre just feels like a brand new phone.
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    Good to see a positive thread... Especially since I'm looking to buy one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PreMium View Post
    Yes, the Pre rules! Now all Palm has to do is give us one with better build quality and no lag in the interface and we'll be good to go. Give us 4G and we'll be great!
    I also love my Pre...had to replace my first unit, but my replacement is much better. I'm hoping that the New Year brings better hardware support, opens the door to Flash and other useful tools, and smooths out some of the sluggish aspects I've become used too.

    I wonder why so many people complain about their Palm Pre's, if you don't like it...take it back and buy something else. My Pre happens to make me MONEY. I'm a consultant and rely on my phone for most if not all of my communication when remote.

    I use my Pre to contact, communicate, schedule, troubleshoot problems, browse KB websites, and download PDF documentation that used to require having a laptop and network access.

    Now, all I do is carry my Pre and accomplish almost 95% of what was supplied by my laptop.

    The best part by far of the whole Palm Pre arrangement is its size and usefulness.

    Do I need not really when I own a Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii that provide everything and the kitchen sink when it comes to entertainment. Do people really get excited about games on their phones??? Even the iPhone and Droid don't compare to what Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo are providing from home. I guess comes down to portability, but when I'm remote I'm usually working...Thank God!!!

    Do I need better apps...sure every platform needs better apps and the WebOS is certainly playing catch-up, but moving in the right direction and I can't wait to hear what is coming in 2010 at CES.

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    As I have said before I love this phone. It is the first smart phone I've had, but it does everything I need it to do. Love the multitasking and the ease of moving between apps. I'll admit it isn't perfect, but I'm sure it will improve with each release. Of course assuming it is better than the last release.
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    +1! This phone is excellent! Can't swit for the next model. I've even thought of switching to the Pixie! A full touch screen will be an awesome upgrade!
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    is it worth me buying one
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    It really all depends on what you need it for, and what you expect from the device. Coming from Windows Mobile, the WebOS UI is sooo much nicer. There's still some things that bother me, but nothing that can't be fixed with future software upgrades, and in the meantime patches and Homebrew Apps.

    It's nice to see some positive comments on here. I understand other people's frustrations, especially for those that have had nothing but bad luck with defective hardware issues. One of the major things I've been seeing is complaints over the lack of video recording. Personally, I knew the Pre couldn't do this when I got it, so I wasn't expecting it. I'm curious if others were mislead into believing it could, or were just flat out lied to..

    But all in all, I'm liking the Pre, and this community as well. The Homebrew developers are doing a great job. Come to think of it, even on my last phone, an HTC Touch, it was the developers at XDA that made that phone more fun to use. Otherwise I would have gotten bored of it a lot faster
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    Quote Originally Posted by AndrewParsons View Post
    is it worth me buying one
    I'd have a thorough read around these forums, check out reviews online, and in the end, figure out what exactly you'll need the device for. It might be the phone for you, but it depends on what kind of things you'll be doing with it. For me, I already had all my email/contacts/calendar with Google, so the Pre was perfect in this respect. I don't play games on my phone, never have, have no need to record video, and only require a basic music player, nothing fancy.

    So it works for me, but again, depends on what you want to do with it.
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    "Can't swit for the next model"

    Bet you posted that on your pre right? That small keyboard sometimes gets hard to type. But I love that it has one anyway!

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