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    Problem with light shining though like the phone was painted wrong.

    This is my 4th pre and When I showed it to sprint they basically laughed (and showed my his personal phone and the problems it had) and said call palm see if they will do anything for you.

    Pictures greater than words.

    Here I edited the fill light.. now you can see you shape of the gesture area lol.

    With brightness 60%+ with overcast day light it shows through. I didn't notice this until I was showing my friend with an iphone and turned the brightness up from my usual 4%.

    Guess I'll call palm. Just wondering if anyone else has had this?
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    Yes. It's another known and 'common' defect. It could be worse (not that that's an excuse).
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    If the phone is solid in other respects, you may just want to learn to live with the light bleed. The replacement could be lots worse.
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    Feel free to disagree with me on this, but why worry about it? Does it affect the functionality of the phone?

    dbd is correct, it is a common defect. I only notice it during the first couple seconds of the bootup sequence if I am in a dark room. I never see it under regular usage... maybe that is why I don't think it is a big deal.
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    I looked for more pictures of this and couldn't find any. Didn't know it was a common problem.

    True.. Phone has no other problems.. sadly its my best one yet. Ucck wish I didn't have to compromise on the least defective.

    Quote Originally Posted by IcerC View Post
    With brightness 60%+ with overcast day light it shows through. I didn't notice this until I was showing my friend with an iphone and turned the brightness up from my usual 4%.
    I understand it doesn't affect the functionality. I see it under regular usage and it just looks bad.
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    hey man, same thing here. but, like others, mine has a pretty decent build quality and wouldn't chance taking it back for something so minute IMO. Understandable though, as this is something that i am always showing off, and talking up
    Lovin' the Pre. Love It.
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    same boat, I learned to live with it. I swear the power button is going to fail first.
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    So? I pay for the best and only the best. This is crap.

    My first pre didn't have light leaks and it was speedy, I couldn't figure out what everyone was whining about.
    A few weeks later and it plummets into near brickdomness.

    I got a replacement Pre two days ago and I noticed the light leaks immediately. It's slow as molasses and cpu patches don't help it at all. In one more replacement and with some decent threats this January, I'll be moving to Androidcentral.
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    I am on my third pre, both my sisters have pre's, as does my brother in law -- we've all had the same 'bleed'. generally, unless the room is pitch black and the phone is restartin (which seems to show the bleed the most) the light bleed is baaarely noticeable.

    I don't think it's a defect, just the way the phone was manufactured.
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    i've read very briefly about this, "light leakage" before. but i don't understand what it is exactly.

    the posted photos just look like: hey, it's dark and it's a pre.

    what is the defect? o.o
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    Its not the actual screen in my case (saw the other post and pictures and couldn't see a thing) but around the screen. Look again. White lines around the screen itself.

    @alhaqq: I see it often though.. not only when dark.
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    why is this even a thread???
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    Quote Originally Posted by makokiller View Post
    why is this even a thread???
    And i quote from the OP:
    ...... Just wondering if anyone else has had this?

    So obviously, this paying customer noticed something wrong with the product he (or she) paid his (or her) money for, and he (or she) wanted to know if anybody else was sold a phone with sloppy workmanship like this (or that).
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    I have insurance. So they should replace it? He told me to talk to palm and palm said talk to sprint.

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