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    This morning I cleaned out my text messages and now when I texts from other people they dont show up at all!

    Whats going on and how do I fix it!?!?!?
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    This is a common and well-known issue; I encourage you to search these forums for "disappearing text".

    Among the hits, you will turn up:
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    I just deleted all 55 of my contacts and I am re-adding them manually... this should fix it.
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    Also search "disappearing conversations"
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    Honestly... the quickest way to fix this it to keep a written record of all your contacts and their numbers.

    I deleted everyone out of my phone and re-added them manually within 30 minutes and everything is fine now.

    This is a BIG PROBLEM PALM.... This needs to be fixed YESTERDAY!

    EDIT: The weirdest part of this entire thing is that as I re-added people on their new contact list, our old conversations reappeared in the messaging section even though it was a totally new conact. It was VERY odd...
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    Well you can't say the only fix is that. What worked for me was a luna restart, just dl the luna program from QI or Preware. Almost always with me and some of my other friends that had the issue did a luna restart and everything was fine again. Now it will take txting them again for the convo to reappear after the luna restart.
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