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  1. tomhut's Avatar
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    Hey everyone!

    I bought a pre on o2 this week and love it to bits but there is one thing driving me insane.
    When Im making or receiving calls and connected to a 2G network I get interference/buzzing through the earpiece, although its not that loud its very irritating and sounds similar to the noise you get when placing a phone next to a loudspeker.

    Sometimes sliding the phone open helps resolve the issue but most of the time sadly not. Also when using the speakerphone, a hands free kit or making a call when connected to 3G it works fine.

    Now I have heard of this problem before and was wondering if its a fault with All/Most GSM/o2 pre's or just a minority so I know weather to get it swapped out (for a potentially worse one).

    This is very important to me as most of the locations (including my flat) I spend my time at only have a 2G connection.

    Thanks, Tom
  2. adesonic's Avatar
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    I can honestly say I have never experienced anything like this at all, my calls are always crystal clear (unless I am out of range of course!)
  3. diggedy's Avatar
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    ive had it once or twice but less since I had my phone replaced. Its never been loud enough to bother me though
  4. amjz's Avatar
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    I had this problem, im using my GSM Pre on 2G Network ... i noticed that it happend when Signal is less than 4 Bars.

    I read a reply for long time on Palm Forums that this is because Palm Pre is not mainly designed to run on 2G but designed and tested to work well on 3G! and you can for sure see that when Palm Pre used on 3G this problem is not happened.
  5. tomhut's Avatar
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    Thanks for all the feedback everyone, please keep it coming!

    The calls are crystal clear on 3G, just wish palm had put more effort into the 2G development/shielding/testing seeing as its (arguably) more widespread than 3G.

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