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    the cloud ones are the ones I prefer....but they are in palm mode (profile that is), so how do I get them to google mode? I touch the palm icon but can't switch to b4 I do another reset or update and loose all this again!
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    hate to bump/reply to my own, but I called Palm, they don't seem to have an answer, does anyone here know...

    I have 136 contacts labeled as PALM profiles, I need them to be Google profiled, so when i do the next update, it's all saved on the google email addy I have.... is there a way to switch them? Only way I've been able to do this is manually add as new entries...but that's way long process!!! imagine not only name and number, but address/birthday, ringtone, notes...damn!!! HELP!!!
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    I don't know an easy way, but I do know a more reliable way than typing them in all over again.

    Send each contact to yourself as a vCard via e-mail. Gmail won't load vCard attachments into Google contacts directly, but you can save the attachment on a hard drive and then import it at It's a lot of work because you have to do it once for each contact, but it should carry over everything but the ringtone and frees you from the curse of typos.

    There may be easier ways than this, but I don't know them and this is the best I could come up with for you...
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