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    Hi there people!

    I was wondering if it's possible to browse Palm Pre's directories via WiFi connection...a sort of "SSH" way just to be more specific...

    You know, with programs like "Transmit", "Cyberduck" or something like that...

    It's possible or I have to connect it only via USB?
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    I've tried with Transmit putting IP address of Pre...but nothing happened...

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    its posible. I do it a lot. You have to install ssh. The preware/webos internals ssh needs a key file. But you can install it direct from webosinternals and use password auth. It will listen at port 222

    root@castle:/# cd /tmp
    root@castle:/tmp# wget
    -> Connecting to ( 100% |*******************************| 20968  00:00:00 ETA
    root@castle:/tmp# sh
    -> Mounting the root file system read-write: OK
       Installing the ipkg-opt package: OK
       Creating an unprivileged user account to be used when logging in...
       Enter the username of your unprivileged user: mein-benutzer-name
       Installing sudo: OK
       Enabling root privileges for mein-benutzer-name: OK
       Installing dropbear: OK
       Configuring the Dropbear upstart script: OK
       How would you like to connect?
       1) WiFi
       2) EVDO
       3) Both WiFi and EVDO
       Selection: 3
       Installing openssh: OK
       Installing openssh-sftp-server: OK
       Starting the Dropbear SSH daemon:OK
       Setup complete
    root@castle:/tmp# source /etc/profile.d/optware
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    So SSH is included directly onto Pre? I don't have to download anything from PreCentral or PreWare?
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    no it's not. Read my post.
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    1) Install Preware (

    2) Install OpenSSH SFTP Server from the Optware section

    3) Follow the OpenSSH package homepage link to find out how to set up your ssh key.

    4) Use Fugu to access the Pre as root

    The manual bootstrap script referred to in earlier posts in this thread is now pretty much obsolete.

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    Really thanks for the answers and for the exaustive explainations!
    Tonight I'll try it!

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