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    Ive always used my cell phones as my alarm clock and never really had any challenges.
    On my Pre though Ive noticed on several occasions I'll set my alarm for say 11am and it doesnt go off, i check the alarms and now it shows 7am instead
    Happened another time, set it to 10:30am, checked and it was set to 8:30am. Im 100% positive on the times and have rechecked them, ive also noticed this happening if the alarm goes off ones, i hit snooze then all of a sudden its set to another time
    So i've been getting into a habit of creating 2 alarms on the phone just in case.
    This morning the alarm went off at 10:30am, i hit snooze and woke up again at 11:20am by myself, i checked the alarms, both were set incorrectly again

    anyone else encountering this?
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    It was happening after the update and than it stopped.... So every day I have to check it a few times before I go to bed..
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    I have to check it a few times as well, but it seems to happen a bit before the alarm goes off
    happens maybe once every 2 weeks or so

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