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    Link: PhoneArena report

    This makes sense. Verizon wants to differentiate their product, the Pre is stale, and an almost insignificant spec change (from a design/build and cost perspective) would be to increase the flash storage.

    My odds are: 95% chance of 16GB, 10% chance of slight bump to OMAP, -5% chance of something as useful as a MicroSD slot.
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    is this a rumor you're starting...? I doubt Palm would call it the Pre Plus..
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    it could be 100 speculation too...
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    Wouldn't surprise me, after all Rubenstein is borrowing pretty heavily from the mktg strategy of his old alma mater...
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    It's not speculation as far as what VZW is calling it. As far as the differences in hardware, that I know nothing about.
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    This story seems to be getting some traction elsewhere:

    Verizon getting Palm Pre Plus and Android-powered Motorola Devour? -- Engadget

    Seriously though, is VZW trying to scare its customers into submission? Devour?
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    my bet is either nothing or a bump in memory to 16GB's. I don't see anything beyond that happening.
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    probably just a palm pre plus all that crap verizon add and take out of the pre.
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    It makes sense from a business perspective, and bumping up the hd space is an easy change.
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    its probably got verizons firmware that limits everything you can do on it unless you pay the red devil more.. long live SPRINT!
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    FYI my husband is on Verizon and has talked to them about the Pre and they will be charging way higher fees in general and GPS will be an additional fee ($10 a month).

    They have said it will still be called PRE too. DH is saving his pennies so he can come back to Sprint.
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    $10 plus the web fees plus umlimted messaging plus that vcast package. And probably whatever else they add. I bet my bill will cost less than your bill (to a verzion customer)
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    This will be a good thing for those of us that love this phone!
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    I don't see much changing.... they said they aren't trying to release new handsets just expand the carrier base for the Pre and Pixi
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    if "plus" means a fully revised build quality on the Pre. then thats all i need
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    Come on, it's Verizon. "Plus" can only be referring to the monthly bill.
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    I bet you'll see Verizon on the mirror... who's with me?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Beanis View Post
    Come on, it's Verizon. "Plus" can only be referring to the monthly bill.
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    Man I don't care if this thing shoots rockets and has autopilot... I can't afford to switch to verizon... the most expensive 3g network in the country.
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    Whatever Verizon releases, Sprint more than likely will get the same.

    Same for the Wifi Pixi, once released Sprint will probably retire the original and re release it.
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