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    my pre keeps deleting my pictures just randomly. I will take a picture then check again later and it wont be there,
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    i had this same problem on my wifes i went to palm's page on facebook....this is the response i got........... "yeah delete the app(photowall), then usb connect your phone to your computer ,go to the diam(or something like that) folder and delete the 999palm folder. once you delete that folder dis-connect from usb and restart your phone. test your pix by taking more than 30 pix real quick and if they are all there you're all set , if not usb connect again and make sure that 999 folder is really deleted, restart your phone by taking your battery out and you'll be all set.
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    thanks that helped :]
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    noooo problem!!! haha dont ya jus love the palm pre community
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    I just noticed mine is doing the same thing. Thank goodness I backed up my pics on my computer otherwise i'd be mad. It sounds like a corrupt file. Thank you for posting the fix. Going to try it!
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    Haven't had this issue yet but thanks for posting the fix.
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    WebOS has a built in protocol to delete nudes off your phone...maybe if you stopped taking nudes..
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    Thanks.. so should I not re add the favebook app>?

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    I had the same problem, but to alleviate, all I did was delete/move some pix off of my Pre and then it was fine. I was at about 150 pictures, so I think there may be some sort of limit/cap or something, so the Pre will just start deleting pix.
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    Install Jason R's "Improved Naming" patch.....Case Closed...
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    nope I have an unmodified pre with 6 pics.. three deleted themselves.

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    Mine is happening at 41 pics. And I don't have photowall.
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    Did some testing. For some reason, my 100PALM folder does not like picture DCIM0044. It doesn't see it. If I rename it, it sees it, or if I move it to a different folder, it sees it. Strange...

    Also, when I take pictures, the new picture overwrites an old picture, effectively deleting it. I took a picture noting the picture number. The new picture overwrote another picture, using the picture's number.

    Palm needs to fix the naming system. This is not good. I'm glad i backed up all my pictures on my computer. I heard it happens with video, too, however I have not confirmed that for myself.

    Fix this please!!
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    having this prob too. I dont have photowall nor a folder called 999palm, only 100palm
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    I posted about this last week, I was at an annual event and took a lot of pictures, when I got home I only 5 of them were there. I'll see if I have a 999 folder. Does deleting it really cure the problem?
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    Update: I just checked and I don't have a 999 folder, and still losing pics....
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    install the improved filename patch. What the pre is doing is that it takes pictures and puts them into the filename format CIMGxxxx.jpg.

    Seeminngly at random, the pre will decide that one filename is the only one that it will take a picture to. for me it was CIMG0042.jpg. so I would take a picture, it would name it to 0042. I took another picture, and the last one was gone, and the one I just took was also named 0042.

    installing a patch that changes how the pre names files fixes that issue.
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    I gave in and went with a patch. It is good so far!
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    Lost a few pictures yesterday. Going to install the patch.
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    i lost some reallllllly hot pics, that i will never get back!! im FURIOUS!!!!
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