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    Hello all,

    I've been gone for a bit. I've been on a iPhone for the past 2 years.

    I've been keeping a eye on the Pres. I think I'm ready to try one out. But, i have no idea which version to get. I want it to work with the 3G on At&t ( i believe that is the Mexican version of the Pre).

    I also have a few questions:

    Is there a tethering app?
    Slingplayer app?
    And is WiFI enabled on the unlocked versions?

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    You need do buy a GSM version (Im not shure what model is sold in Mexico).

    TO answer your questions:

    Is there a tethering app? - There is a 3rd party tethering app - My Tether (My Tether : Tethering for Palm Pre - turn your Palm Pre into 3G WiFi router!), this is homebrew app.
    Slingplayer app? - Not, that i know off.
    And is WiFI enabled on the unlocked versions? - WiFi is on every Palm Pre (CDMA or GSM - locked or unlocked)
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    Great, I'm looking to tether a Macbook, ipod Touch (slingplayer) and a PSPgo.

    Now, to just get my GSM pre.....
    I'm on the hunt
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    You would need a Mexican Pre, that one that supports North American 3G bands, 850 and 1900 MHz. The European one supports only European 3G bands.
    But, unless you have a buddy in mexico and a few hundred bucks to spend, I would wait until January if I were you, actually that's what I'm gonna do. There is a possibility that the AT&T will release it's own version, and if not, the mexican one should be more available and affordable.
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    You need the Telcel Version... check the thread below: its a work in progress right now

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