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    I have been losing the volume so that I can't hear it ring, anymore. This has happened to 4 phones already. I take them back, they get me a refurb, and it last only about three weeks. The last time they gave me a new one right out of the box, and it, too has the same problem. I going back to get my 5th phone. I love the phone, but it's a real PIA to have to load apps back on it each time.

    I got a call from Palm home office to ask what I would like to see in the Palm Pre...they told me there will be a firmware update in January or February. She mentioned that most asked was to have a video camera in the Pre....we'll have to wait and see.
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    Does this mean more volume so I can hear my music?...or do I have to buy another Pre?

    I've spent sooooo much time getting this Pre to work...and not being productive at work.

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