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    I just uninstalled some of the patchs I had; Remember location in Book for music player, battery percentage, and the two files it asked to install when I installed the above patches.

    Now my phone is having huge problems. Multi-touch in the browser does not work at all. It pans instead of working, then some times it works but zooms way in and when I pan zoom out. Multi-touch does not work in the photo viewer either.

    I uninstalled the patches through preware (how I installed them). I heard that we may get an update soon and didnt want any issues. Now I am having some, please help!
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    I'll state the obvious first step: reboot your Pre (if you haven't) and see if that fixes it.
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    I did a normal restart, didnt do anything.

    I then did a full shut down, and everything is working... odd. Im from WM and when you do restart its the same as full shutdown for settings etc.

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