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    My PrPrPr $has$ $been$ $resetting$ $during$ $videos$ $for$ $a$ $bit$ $now$. $I$ $have$ $been$ $unphased$ $as$ $of$ $yet$ $due$ $to$ $the$ $infrequency$ $of$ $the$ $issue$.

    However, there have been three resets today, and I am getting annoyed.

    I am curious to know how many others are enduring this annoyance, and if there is a known cause.
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    I have this problem too, but it appears less frequently for me. I called the bell tech support and the only thing he told me to do was to Doctor my pre and if it still happend then to take it into bell to get it repaired. I am still deciding on whether i should doctor my pre or not, but i probably will.
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    I have also seen this issue several times over the past few days. Streaming video over the internet and all of the sudden it's rebooting.
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    Won't some guru-techie-forum frequenter tell us why this is happening?

    It gets unresponsive, resets, then behaves well.

    It was happening well B4 I installed homebrews or patches.

    BTW if you haven't delved into the patches, do so, almost everything that annoys you about your phone will be fixed!
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    I have this too. Youtube has done it twice today.
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    it is possible that this is resetting due to low mem conditions. how many cards do you have open when the reset happens?
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    I'll close all cards next time I play a bid just to be sure, but I bleive it's happening when run alone.

    thanx for the input.
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    closing cards wont necessarily help ... I had only one program my gps running last night while driving.. for some reason (with no input from me cause I was driving) The "to many cards open" error came up...
    Are bad people born that way? Or did something go terribly wrong?
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    I've had spontaneous reboots during video streaming as well, while nothing else was running. It seems to happen after a long session. For me, it isn't happening often, but it does happen.

    I have no homebrew or patches (Used to have homebrew, but WebOS doctored my Pre prior to 1.3.1 and never re-installed homebrew). This didn't start happening until after WebOS 1.3.1. It's my opinion that there is definitely an undiagnosed/unpublished memory leak of some kind in WebOS 1.3.1. I also get the "too many cards" error when I only have one card open (usually the web browser, but it can be any app). When that happens, I reboot the phone and don't see the problem again for several days. But under heavy usage it definitely shows up.

    FYI, I'm out of app space, so I can't install/update any apps. I'm waiting for an official fix from Palm rather than patching the problem. Not sure if that is part of the issue or not, but I thought I'd throw that out there for correlation.
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    I had zero cards open, just video, and it crashed while I watched Star Trek yesterday. After the crash, video worked fine. Only seems to happen if I don't restart my phone for a while.
    The thing I noticed, is if you don't do a legitimate power cycle after the crash, the phone acts wonky until you do. For me, my music app, for lack of better words, fizzled out while streaming to my car stereo.

    And in addition to the post above mine, I do not get the app limit error.
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    I'm having the problem too. It seems to happen almost every time I click thru a video link in the web browser; less often if I load the video in the youtube app directly. I'm pretty sure it started with 1.3.1, I've also noticed more freezes in the web browser. I unistalled a lot of apps and patches with no effect. This is pretty much the only problem I have had with my pre, but it still sucks.
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    i1.3.1 has been horrible with memory leaks and random reboots. I never received the memory criticial error until 1.3.1 either and it will happen with 1 browser window open as well. The browser has a serious memory leak problem now I can have one browser open click on a link and the phone instantly falls on its face and tells me I have too many cards ?????WHAT??? 1 card and it doesn't know what to do,
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    I had a reset happen when watching sprint TV. I hope this is on the fix list for 1.3.5.

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