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    I was listening to engadget 173 podcast and they were saying a lot of interesting stuff about nokia. Some highlights include Nokia has two active OS each with there various versions. I would imagine it would be like palm selling garnet 1.0 webos 1.2 and webos 2.4 devices.

    There was a horror story about a nokia customer who bought their n900 (I think) flagship phone only to be told that apps downloaded from the symbian store wasn't compatible with his version of symbia. He would have to contact the app developer directly to get an app that works. On top of that there was going to be another N900 released from nokia next year with a different OS.

    the reason I bring this up because of the recent talks of nokia buying palm. Imagine the headache with all the differnet os versions. At first I thought the idea of nokia buying palm would be good because of the money. Now I have serious doubts.
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    The Nokia buying Palm thing was just a rumour.

    The reason is so they can scrap that ancient OS for the new and awesome WebOS.
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    Nokia is definitely fragmented their mobile phone strategies. If they did buy Palm, I hope that they would just replace all of their phones with webOS and utilize their engineers/developers to help support european/Asian versions of webOS.

    To this note, it would bode well for Android to somehow cram down and force all devices to use the latest version of Andriod. But with all of the different overlays with Android, I understand how difficult that can be. Google didnt do itself any favors by developing its own Android phone with a different version of Android.

    Umm, WinMo...I wont even start.

    Seems like iPhone and the Pre are in a good spot.

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