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    I have my Pre locked with a Pin code. Those of you that use the same feature you see the presence of an "Emergency Call" button in the lower left hand side.

    I get why it is placed where it is, but I have accidentally hit this button numerous times and a 911 operator answered before I could hang-up or even realize what I had done. Not cool.

    Is there a way via the standard WebOS (not via a homebrew patch) to disable this button or at least make it so if you accidentally hit it, it doesn't automatically dial 911 while using the PIN lock screen?
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    Have the same problem and also Nope.
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    Looks like Palm heard the complaints...they have removed the "Emergency Call" button with the 1.3.5 update and made a small text link "Tap to dial emergency call" at the bottom instead. Hopefully now the 911 operators can focus on real emergency calls.
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    I've noticed this too with 1.3.5 and I think it's great!

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