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    when I start typing something for a search, my PRE opens just the launcher.
    Can't use UNIVERSAL SEARCH... i search the whole world wide web for it, but can't find anything. #%$&#* #$%

    Anyone out there, who knows the reason?

    [On my PALM PRE are lot of useful Apps & Patches installed... and I've already used WebOS-DOCTOR once to restore my phone]
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    You do realise you can only use Google search to use the Universal search on the Pre???
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    On my Pre this happened after installing the universal search command patch. Removed it, and Universal search worked again.

    For the future: Install a patch, reboot, TRY IT! if it doesn't work correctly, REMOVE it.
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    I have a similar issue. When I start typing, the launcher pops up then it goes to the universal search screen.
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    Maybe Apple's draconian need to approve all apps makes sense when some patches are causing problems like this. I'm sure more than a few calls to Palm CS are caused by these third-party "patches".
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    I had a similar issue where I had too many apps installed. Look at your last launcher page, are icons being eaten? If so then it's likely the same problem. Just delete the apps you're not using. For me it was about 150 or so.

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