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    Palm Has Something in the Works for CES
    by Ed Hardy - 12/16/2009

    Palm, Inc. has scheduled a press event for the Consumer Electronics Show in early January, setting off a round of speculation on what the company might announce.

    Speculation is mostly all that's available, as Palm itself is holding its cards close to its chest in the invite:

    Please join us at CES to see and hear what's new from Palm.

    This company used a similar event at the last CES to unveil the Palm Pre and the webOS, so some could say the bar has been set very high. Still, company-changing announcements only come along every so often.

    Palm PixiA New Carrier?
    The FCC recently approved a device that's almost certainly a version of the Palm Pixi for Verizon Wireless, to follow up the one already available from Sprint. It's quite possible this model will be announced at this upcoming tradeshow.

    In addition, Verizon has said it's also going to offer the Palm Pre early next year, and an announcement as CES is quite likely. This will end Sprint's exclusive access to this smartphone.

    Updates and New Models?
    The Palm Pre debuted with 8 GB of internal storage, the same amount that included in its recently released -- and much less expensive -- sister model, the Pixi. This has set off speculation that Palm will bump up the amount of storage offered by the Pre, probably to 16 GB. If so, it could be planning on announcing this at CES.

    As mentioned earlier, the first webOS-powered device was announced at this venue, and its replacement potentially could be unveiled one year later. However, so far there have been no rumors about a third webOS smartphone.

    All the speculation, leaks, and rumors probably won't end until January 7, the date Palm has scheduled to make its next announcements.

    Source: Palm
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