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    When I read description for visual voice mail setup on this site it said something about making sure you leave sms and/or email transcription on so you get notified when you get a voice mail as VV does not have a notification.

    Been using it now for the past 2 days, it has been notification me very time there is a voicemail. Is this a new feature that is not documented?

    Also, this app works great but when are they going to empliment a slider bar and pause button... thought that was the whole point of VV.
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    I suppose this is in the wrong category, but does anyone know?
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    There was an update a couple of days ago so maybe they gave it notification, but prior to the update you got an sms saying that you had a new voicemail. I don't know i haven't had a voicemail in a couple of days, so i haven't noticed any change
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    It's a bit of a kludge, but the Visual Voicemail app in the catalog that uses GoogleVoice, will give notifications if it's left open in card view.

    If the app included proper notifications, and the ability to delete voicemails from within the app, it would be worth quite a bit to me.
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    I get notifications when the card is closed...
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    When I experimented a couple weeks ago, gDialPro did notifications whether open or not, but the Visual Voicemail app had to be open or no notification until you opened it again.

    Note that the same programmer did both programs; while it was working that way a couple weeks ago, presumably it would be pretty simple for him to port the code from gDial Pro to VV - perhaps that happened in an update since I tested?

    Easy enough to check - install both programs, leave yourself a message and wait for notifications.
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    Been using it over a week now, it definitely give me a notification
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    is visual voicemail app only for googlevoice??
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    yup it gives notifications even when card is closed with the update. But i t even vibrates if silent switch is on -_-
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    Quote Originally Posted by draztikrhymez View Post
    yup it gives notifications even when card is closed with the update. But i t even vibrates if silent switch is on -_-
    Now all this app needs is a pause/stop button with a slider for the message. Does anyone know if the developer has plans on adding this?

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