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    So can i just swap my pre if it has the screen discoloration problem? it's seems to only happen after a lot of usage and i'm worried that if i take it to the sprint store i might not be able to reproduce it.
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    You can replace it without any issues if you are still within your 30 day period. If not, it is dependent on the sprint store where you are attempting to receive an exchange.

    If you want to reproduce it, run a relatively long video on the brightest settings and most likely you'll reproduce it long enough for the rep to take look.

    My cousin's previous pre had an unsightly discoloration in the center of his screen and I used the method above to reproduce the effect long enough to bring it back to sprint.
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    My brand new pre's volume rocker button jammed within 3 months of ownership. So i took it in to a sprint store and they shipped me a refurb overnight. The refurb comes the next day and has massive oreo effect. So i take back to the store and they argue with me and say " That's how they all are" and start showing me there phones and how they all have oreo. So i get home complian to sprint and "BAM" another one in the mail the next day. This one had no oreo but volume buttons were flimsy and the screen had dead pixels.

    So i call again and another one is in the mail and they were really nice about it and this next one had oreo, and blotches on the screen so i call again and the service tech says "The palm pre sucks and is built really bad" so im like that sucks. Got my new one with minor oreo and im satisfied and im still lovin my pre. Android is not even on my radar and aint touchin the pre. Apps dont make the phone.

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