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    I just got a replacement refurbished phone due to a bad power button. This may sound goofy but this phones screen is impossible to keep clean. The 3 pres before this just required a simple wipe on the pants to get clean. Its almost like I need to buff this one with a clean cloth to get clean. Any one have this issue. Other than that this new phone is rock solid.
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    I have noticed that my replacment pre seems to be harder to keep clean as well. I thought it was because I was being more protective and careful not to scratch the surface. I use the same clean cloth I was using before. It's almost like the screen is more "filmy". The other crazy part is the phone I replaced had a bad power button too.
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    There's a post on here somewhere that talks about solving the grease problem. If it bugs you so much I would suggest implementing it. It was as simple as applying a small amount of car wax on the screen when needed.

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