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    After reading other posts, I was curious on how it would look with a different color LED. Does anyone know where I could find detailed instructions on Pre disassembly for this purpose?

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    No disassemble Palm Pre!
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    lol hahaha
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    Yeah, most parts of the Pre are glued together. I suppose you could take it apart, but then you'd just have a pile of parts and what good would that be?

    I think they make paint for light bulbs. Just get some of that and dab in on there and you're good to go. Should be easy to remove too!
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    Check out the Google hits for "cracking open palm pre"

    Both TechRepublic and CNET have slides... just don't know if they were able to reassemble or not.
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    Two major guides:
    Palm Pre Teardown - iFixit
    Rapid Repair - Palm Pre Repair Guide by RapidRepair

    Though, these might not be entire accurate. Palm has been making minor tweaks to the Pre since its introduction (my October-build Pre has a few differences in the plastic case to gain access to a few more screws). You'll probably be treading into shark-laden waters.
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    Just make sure you take your time and keep track of every piece and how it fits. Taking pictures as you go should help with reassembly.
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    ^ IF I do decide to try it, i will definitely keep track of everything! I have taken apart laptops multiple times before, and ever since the FIRST time doing it and not keeping track of all the piece/parts/screws! needless to say, I had a hard time getting that one back together as easy as it came apart! lol

    *Brian, thanks for the links! I'll check tham out!

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