So I am a second year medical student and for the first time I am seriously questioning my choice of the Pre for a tool to use when I am doing my rotations next year. I think a lot of this is coming from a lot of the rumors of the Nexus One.

I know Epocrates and Lexi are coming soon, but the announcement of the Nexus One and the possibilities it holds really scare me about the future of Palm. Next year I am going to need a tool that will hold up and be supported, for at least 2 years, by the medical industries. I have no fear that Android will crash and burn, it is on too many carriers and too many devices. However, WebOS life is still up in the air. I was looking into maybe switching to android, but when I look at the OS it just looks so clunky and really unappealing to me. It makes me appreciate WebOS all that more.

I was wondering what all the medical professionals out there think? Will WebOS stand the test of time in the medical world?