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    Recently I've been doing research into battery drain, testing my Pre (GSM Version% to see how fast it'll charge, how fast it discharges etc. I've found the thread on battery life, but no opposite equivalent.
    Which brings me to the titular question; How fast does your Pre charge? I need 10 or more people to contribute, just plug your Pre in at around 50% battery and charge it via the power adapter (NOT the touchstone or usb) whilst running Battery Monitor. Leave it until it's been charging for at least 10 minutes then post your results. I'll post mine as soon as it's discharged to 50%
    Also, your Pre's model (CDMA/GSM) and what patches you have installed would be helpful too

    Thanks in advance to anyone willing to contribute and further our knowledge of the Pre and it's hardware!
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    Let me see what i can do to help you since the Pre is my fiancees LOL
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    Thanks, good to know people are interested in researching this
    I just got mine charging and here are the results:
    GSM Pre with 4x4 Homescreen and LED Notification patches.
    With light/no usage (A little GTalk): -50% per hour
    With heavy usage (ex. Internet browsing and GTalk): -35% per hour

    Good luck with your ratings!
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    I actually wanted to know this too.
    I'll test this later on and post my results.
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    Excellent, Thanks I'll start grouping all the readings in the first post after a few more come in.
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    I have noticed my chargers are different.
    the wall adapter that came with the pre takes a while to charge.
    the sprint car charger is amazingly fast. (like dead to green in 40 mins?)
    charging via USB is very painfully slow.
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    Quote Originally Posted by agidius View Post
    the sprint car charger is amazingly fast. (like dead to green in 40 mins?
    I work at a battery store and I never recommend using a car charger unless for an emergency.
    The usual car chargers give the straight 12volts from the cigarette lighter (aka alternator) straight into the phone. (thats why it charges so fast) When the wall and USB charger, charges the phone at the proper 5v.
    Fast charge = unhealthy for the battery (bad) Can reduce the lifespan. Creates lots of heat.
    Slow charge = good. slowly builds up the amperage. Good for longevity. Creates less heat.

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