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    i was always wondering if the messenger patch thats outthere is a hack, or just some kind of prerelease?

    another thing which im interested: at the moment homebrew has to be patched into webOS, but i read that webOS 1.3.5 will be a developer-open plattform,
    so do you think there will still be the need to patch homebrew into the system, or might it be supported officially?

    and do i need to apply the messenger patch again as soon as i got the 1.3.5 update??
    so do i wait a few days for 1.3.5 or apply homebrew and then patch with the messenger patch?
    i need msn, icq for my pp...

    any suggestions?
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    The messenger plugins are homebrew and not official.

    Before you upgrade your OS it is strongly advised that you remove any patches and then reapply only those that are listed as supported in that webOS release. Usually a couple of days lag for this and latest preware will only show patches that are for your webOS release.
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    ok, so assuming 1.3.5 is about to come the next days, i better wait and safe myself some hustle?

    does homebrew affect warranty?
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    I don't know for sure when the next WebOS update is going to hit. It's not a massive hassle to remove patches with preware so it's not a big deal.... or you could just wait., upto you.

    I don't think patches would affect your warranty and if you ever did mess up your phone, you should be able to use WebOS Doctor to restore it no probs. No danger of bricking it.

    The only caveat I would list would be the patches marked as "dangerous", they may have warranty implications as they alter the CPU frequency and voltages and might reduce the lifetime of the cpu or damage it (no one actually knows either way). I don;t know if Palm would be looking for this on any borked pre's.
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    oh, so i only need to remove the app but can leave homebrew as it is?
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    Remove which app?

    You really don't need to remove any app to prepare for an update. You only need to remove any themes and patches (some call them tweaks).
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    I think you can leave all your apps alone as they are just apps. Patches change actual OS files so they need to be stock before you upgrade.
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    ok, thats good news.. so thanks for the info, will do it soon then.

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