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    Ive been trying to get a google voice acct, but have been waiting for over 4 weeks for an invite from them. I was wondering if anyone has any extra invites and if they could spare me one?

    Thank u so much in advance.
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    good morning, me too.
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    got mine after 5 months of waiting.....
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    o wow they really take their time huh..
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    do a search for the google wave thread. A contact for Invites for voice are there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by newuser1 View Post
    got mine after 5 months of waiting.....
    I'm currently on month 3 of waiting.
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    lol I got mine after only one week and so did my co-worker
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    It took about 5 weeks for my first one, and only 2 weeks for my second. I think it just depends on supply and demand. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to the wait times, really.
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    Go to eBay and pay $.99 for an invite. I applied for GV invite 6 months ago and never got it, so I decided to just pay for it.
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    Weird . . because like a month ago when I sent a request for it, within the hour I had a response. Maybe it's region specific regarding how long you have to wait?
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    I have I Wave invite to trade for a Voice invite.
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    I've got 3 Google Voice invites and 25 Google Wave invites.

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