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    Previously I installed the tweak so when my pre is plugged in to usb it goes straight to just charging. All worked fine.

    This morning I downloaded and ran the newest verion of WebOS quickinstall to enable the iphone web site spoof.

    I connected the pre, started tweaks and installed the iphone spoof. After a few minutes a non specific error message appeared. The phone did not reset as the instructions said it would. I manually reset it and the spoof seems to be working.

    However now when I connect the pre to my pc although it shows charging it does not show the USB connected icon, nor does it offer the option for hard drive etc. If I start Quick Install it keeps telling me no device is connected, even though it is !

    What have I done and how can I go back to where I was ?!?!

    thanks for any help.
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    Ignore me, there was another version of quick install open as well, which I didn't see.

    Re-booted the pc and all is OK now.

    Doh !


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