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    Hello everyone, I have been syncing my pre with realplayer (seems to work better than perfect, however, I noticed when I sync the album art doesn't appear on my pre. I know the art is on the file because it displays in the realplayer but not on my phone.

    Any help to get the album art on the pre?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Damian_Rucci View Post
    anything come of this?

    the other day my wife showed me a bunch of videos on her pre and sent me the links. My pre would play the videos. So when I was @ her office I decided to use her usb and link her video's over to my pre and sure as heck, realplayer converted 4 different video/audio files for Palm Pre format. I thought that was nice. Realplayer has always put crap all over my machine in the past which is why I haven't used it in years but.... That was very convenient.
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    The new realplayer converts the videos to Pre format and will send to your phone I have been using it for a while now.

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