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    It never pulls the right helpful threads, for ME anyways.

    Anyway, I'm looking for the app that uses the flash on the camera as a flash light. Anyone know the name?
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    My Flashlight
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    it does the exact thing for me...i hate precentral's search engine!!!!
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    +1 on crappy thread search.
  5. #5 just read the last few pages to find the zip file
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    thanks guys for the help!
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    I love precentral but you're right, the search is abysmal. I can never find anything.
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    Here is how to search any vBulletin forum (such as PreCentral).

    Click Search on the menu at the top of any page.

    Click Advanced Search.

    In this case you were looking for threads with the word "Flashlight" in the title so type "Flashlight"

    Click the dropdown arrow just below where you typed and click "Search Titles" Only because you only want threads about the Flashlight app.

    Click Search Now.

    The third thread in the list is My Flashlight (7/1).

    The first thread that comes up is: My Flashlight to the rescue!.

    Can I ask how you were looking for the word flashlight in thread titles?

    For anyone having trouble searching for things, can you give some other examples?

    - Craig
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    Way to call me out

    I am looking through my posts now to try and remember what I was searching for. I know more often than not I can't find what I am looking for, but I tend to forget about it right away. I will modify this post as soon as I get my rusty brain working.

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