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    So I've had my pre since a week after the release. Since then I've had no major problems with it at all. I have never rooted it, installed homebrew apps or any sort of unapproved Palm & Sprint behavior.

    Today I ran into my first issue when I was trying to make a text message right before work. I typed in the letter 'y' and my palm proceeded to continue processing the letter 'y' in my text message. I couldn't delete anything or use any other keys on my keyboard. I tried to scroll through my cards and it started a universal search of a continuous letter y.

    I was finally able to restart my Palm Pre by powering off but when it was back to the main screen, I found out my keyboard no longer worked at all.

    Has anyone had this issue yet?

    Luckily my local Sprint store ordered me a new one that is supposed to be in this week. Hopefully there are no issues getting it and transferring all my information.
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    I had an issue with my keyboard not working, but a quick battery pull fixed it up and I haven't had the issue in the 3 months since. *knocking on wood*

    As for your information, you should be proactive and get your contacts backed up in at least a couple of locations. You might think about Google or exchange, plus getting the CSV file and keeping it locally.

    This thread has a link with instructions on how to do the CSV backup:
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    Had the problem. 2 restarts later it was fine.
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    I had that same problem.

    I was able to fix it with a battery pull.

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