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    I have been receiving texts saying they were sent many hours earlier. I know for fact that I was in an area with full reception so I do not know what could have caused this. It is really annoying when I am waiting for important info and assuming that someone did not text me back only to recieve it many hours later so any bit of helop would be much appreciated. Thanks you guys are always helpful.
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    You know I used to have this problem with my last phone. I eventually discovered it was related directly to whom I was talking. If they were using something other than my provider it was a toss up, usually Verison, T-Mobile, and Sprint seemed to work together the best, I've always had problems with receiving AT&T and MobilePCS (or whatever that provider is called) texts.

    Technically SMS is simply just emails to a server so unless something is overloaded somewhere it shouldn't be a problem. If you have a universal problem with this consider calling up Sprint and complaining, there's not alot they can do but you could probably get a discount and hopefully the problem will resolve itself.
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    get this all the time, very annoying

    sometime i will get no texts for a couple of hours, then get a phone call and have a bunch of text come through after, like the call pushed them through. very irritating
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    yeah I have this problem sometimes. It doesn't seem to have any rhyne or reason. It is always dead on minute wise just off by an hour or two.
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    So has anyone heard of a fix or are we all screwed lol
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    I had this problem yesterday, i reset my phone which did nothing. but after deleting older conversations (had some from 2 weeks ago in there) it seemed to fix itself after 20 minutes or so. i started receiving the texts from earlier in the evening eventually receiving texts instantly after that. i had friends send me texts to check that it was working and havent had any issues today
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    well my problem is my notifications music kept going off at random times but i dont have any notifications..wats up with that
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    Yes, I have had the same problem...

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