I just recently enabled ActiveSync for my corporate email running Exchange 2007 SP2. The e-mail, contacts, and calendar all sync with the phone great. However, I'm unable to download attachments or forward e-mails w/the Exchange account. When I click on any attachment, I get the error

"Error downloading file. Server reports: Failed to download attachment, got HTTP response: 500"

I can send an e-mail with an attachment just fine on the Exchange account, and I can forward and download attachments via my Gmail synced account. Just the Exchange account isn't working. I'm running 1.3.1 and had the same issue prior to the update.

Calling my IT helpdesk hasn't led to anything fixing it. I've deleted my exchange profile on my device and the partnership in Webmail, and reinstalled (leaving off the domain field). I've tried this multiple times with different domain/username combinations, all to no avail. My IT said someone had a similar problem last week and that the same person and Exchange account worked just fine w/an iPhone and WinMo device. I thought that it might be related to some setting our corporate Exchange server, but he seems to think it's a WebOS issue. Anyone else experienced this and have any recommendations? Is it a Palm or my corporate e-mail issue?

Thanks for the help!