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    Ok, I'm posting about this on here ad nauseum, but I'd like to get feedback from the group. I've never owned a slider phone before, but have played with a friend's Droid and Moment. Both of those phones feel really solid. My Pre has a slight wobble when closed. Also, when it's closed the two halves of the phone are flush on the left side, but there is a "lip" on the right side where the top of the phone is narrower than the bottom.

    Is this kind of thing to be expected with sliders? Again, I've never owned one, so I don't know. It's annoying me, but only because I think it's a defect (I've had two bad Pre's before this one).

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    I don't feel a wobble when I open/close the slider. However, when the slider is closed and I purposely move it, I can feel a very slight wobble but not enough to make me run to a Sprint store to replace it.
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    Didn't you just start a thread about having buyers remorse or something? Why this new one?
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    Well, I started it about a week ago. I just wanted to talk more specifically about sliders in general. That and I'm obsessing about this problem.
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    Quote Originally Posted by slope72 View Post
    ... I'm obsessing about this problem.
    That's the biggest problem, everyone is obsessing about the littlest detail. I have NEVER owned a phone that was perfect and I didn't expect the Pre to be that way. So it wobbles a little bit, who cares? Has the top fallen off yet? Is it non-functional?

    Go take a look at and android forum and those phones have issues too. The grass is always looks greener, but that is just because people are short sighted.
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    i will agree i also had slider issues, i returned the phone luckily they replaced it. now, i just open and close the phone slowly as to not force it up or down too fast.
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    I am starting to think I want a WebOS that looks like the nexus one. It looks so damn sexy.
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    I just had to replace my launch day pre for a blown speaker. But prolly had less than milimeter play in it, very aceptable. But the replacement phone they tried to give me had about 1/8 in. Play in it. I said no way so they went in the back and came out with a hand full of phone for me to sort threw. They tried to pass off as normal
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    You should have a slight wobble in it. If there's too much it's called the oreo effect. Do a search on that and you'll find others having the same issue or how to fix it.
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    I've owned several phones with the last two being Treo's. This is my first slider also, so I can relate. To give it to you straight... it is perfectly natural for the Pre to have a 'wobble' to the slider when closed. Is this the way a slider should be? No. Is this the way the Pre was manufactured? Yes. When you choose the Pre, this is a completely normal issue to expect. The only time this issue should draw major concern is if the slider movement (when closed) is more than 1mm-2mm.... and that is still a personal judgement call. I took my last Pre back because it had so much side-to-side movement in the closed slider that it was incredibly annoying. This movement actually caused the slider to 'rattle' a bit when moving against my ear on a call. Some Sprint stores are definitely better than others for help with this issue. Some stores will bring out several phones and let you choose which you want. The store I went to initially (LaSalle St, Chicago) was the opposite. They actually tried to get me to look at their beat up demo (which had the slider at a 15 degree angle to the side!) and told me that the demo was the natural acceptable state for the phone. Ugg.

    Point being... there will side-to-side movement on the slider. This movement will make you think that the slider is loose (it's not). Expect this with the Pre, and if it is more than I mentioned above, then you can start thinking about swapping. Otherwise, you do get used to it. I did!
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    Think of the design of the slider on the Pre. The literal curve is what's throwing it a figurative curve. Unlike a straight slider, the connecters to the track have to be much smaller (to acommodate the curve). That's going to cause more of a wobble effect.

    As I said in your other post, mine has it when closed, and is pretty sold when open. I think it's a design issue, and just part of the "price to pay" for the unique curved slider.
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    This is the 4th model of "slider" phone ive personally had in 6 years. Every single one of them has had at least a little play in the slider. I think the more important question people need to be asking themselves prior to getting a replacement is if it seems so bad as to possibly cause the entire slider mechanism to fail prematurely. I think another issue out there is that previous smart phones are typically function over form, so some aesthetic issues are down played or competely ignored because its expected to be a performer not a looker. This phone, however, is so damn sexy that its being nitpicked apart for any and every minor detail by some people. But thats just my 2 cents...
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    The design of the pre allows for a slight wobble. It's because the phone's slider doesn't have rails despite it's curved design. It's perfectly normal. All Pre's have a wobble. The oreo effect is when the top portion of the phone is twisting, too.

    I think part of the problem with the Palm Pre is this website.

    precentral needs to setup a separate forum that is specifically designed for tech support. Littering the general chat with everyones problems makes the phone seem flimbsy and cheap.

    People who have problems with their phone are a minority. A vocal one.
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    Well, I went back to Best Buy... the folks there thought the wobble was normal. I tested two other Pre's there... both had wobble, one worse than mine. So, I kept my current one.

    Now, to blatherdrift's point, the fact that I'm on my 3rd Pre in one week seems to me to indicate they definitely have some build problems.

    Still, I'm satisfied, but will be watching the slider mechanism carefully before my 30 day window runs out.

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