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    I have Windows 7 Ultimate. I've been plugging my phone and using USB Drive normally until recently. I was moving over some Folder with MP3's and when it was done moving the files over i noticed that the palm pre dissapeard from my computer so i coudln't eject it.

    I found the remove hardware icon on the bottom right and clicked Eject Pre, but it did not eject it correctly.

    Now, when i plug it in and select USB Drive it gives me this message:

    do you want to scan and fix palm pre (f: )?

    There might be a problem with some files on this device or disc. This can happen if you remove the device or disc before files have been written on to it.

    Scan and Fix

    Continue without scanning

    Is there a way to get around this so that it doesn't pop up every time?
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    I have the same problem with Vista 64 bit, and I believe I've always ejected the phone correctly. Have you tried installing the webOS SDK? I ask because I think it has something to do with Novacom and 64-bit operating systems.
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    happens to me on vista 32...I don't "eject it" normally. When I'm done xfering I just remove it. Maybe it'll bite me but since june this is how I've rolled.
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    try going to Run and entering services.msc scroll down till you see palm novacom and check if the novacom service is running, if not start it manually and then connect your phone, your supposed to stop the service manually every time you eject the phone. Good luck
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    i'll have to give that a try when i get home.

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