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    My pre was very sluggish after 1.3.1. I doctored it and its a lot snappier now. Whole process including retweaking and stuff took me around thirty minutes.

    I'd give it a try if you're having speed issues.
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    Thanks for the information. I have been thinking of Doctoring, but with where we are at now I think I will wait for 1.3.5 which should be out soon.

    Like any OS updates, it would not surprise me if there were artifacts left over from previous versions affecting such things as available memory and speed.
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    I concur with amokie. For some reasons I was not able to perform some of the tweaks which were supposed to work like the email in landscape. So I finally gave up and then WebOS Doctored my phone. It does seem to run faster and the tweaks now work again.
    The interesting thing is that the new WebOS Doctor 1.3 only restores the OS and doesn't touch the stuff you have which can be available through the USB drive (Music, Photos, images, etc.) This is awesome as before I had to always restore all of those stuff too.... Now I just wish I could automatically redo the tweaks I had before.
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    yah the only part that sucks about the whole process is redoing your tweaks, but it was kind of nice cleaning out the tweaks that i really didnt use much. dunno why

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